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'America is Under Siege': Former Gov. Scott Walker Takes on Cancel Culture to Reach Today's Students

CBN - Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has a history of swimming upstream, politically speaking. First, as a conservative in Wisconsin. And now he's taking on the growing "Cancel Culture" in an effort to reach today's students.

Walker warns parents and others in a Young America's Foundation video called "The Long Game," that many on the left are trying to teach our young people to hate America.

"America is under siege. We see it on our campuses and in our culture," Walker says.

That's why Walker was anxious to lead Young America's Foundation, a group backed long ago by the likes of William F. Buckley, Jr. and Ronald Reagan.

"I felt now more than ever we needed to win not just the battle of the day, but the war for the heart and soul of this great republic," Walker told CBN News.

With a dedication to individual liberties, free enterprise, and traditional values, the Foundation has what Walker calls a "long game" to defeat attempts to turn America's young against their country.

"You see this with the 1619 Project. You....READ MORE

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