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Abortion Rights Are as Important as Religious Liberty, Biden State Department Says

Christian Headlines - The Biden administration said Wednesday it will consider a country’s restrictions on abortion a violation of human rights in a reversal from the Trump administration, which had removed a section on “reproductive health” from an annual human rights report.

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken made the comments following the release of the State Department’s 2020 Human Rights Reports on foreign countries, which details violations of religious and human rights around the world.

Blinken said the previous administration had released “unbalanced statements” that “suggest a hierarchy” on human rights. Although Blinken was not specific, Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had said his department would focus on violations of religious liberty and property rights.

“All people are entitled to these rights, no matter where they’re born, what they believe, whom they love, or any other characteristic,” he said. “Human rights are also co-equal; there is no hierarchy that makes some rights more important than others. Past unbalanced statements that suggest such a hierarchy, including those offered by a recently disbanded State Department advisory committee, do not represent a guiding document for this administration. At my confirmation hearing, I promised that the Biden-Harris administration would repudiate those unbalanced views. We do so decisively today.”

Violations of “reproductive rights,” Blinken said, are as significant as violations of religious liberty. “Reproductive rights” is a phrase used by....READ MORE is brought to you by a group of Christian writers and editors who are dedicated to creating a well-rounded look at what’s happening across the globe from a Christian worldview. Our vision is to inform and inspire productive discussion about the current events and online trends that shape our lives, our churches and our world. includes blog posts about current events and Christian media, breaking news, feature articles, and guest commentaries, many written by respected Christian thinkers.



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