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A Ticking Time Bomb: Europe Continues Releasing Jihadis Despite Warnings

PNW - He is out of jail again -- the Dutch-Moroccan terror suspect Samir Azzouz, who has been repeatedly arrested, acquitted, rearrested, convicted, imprisoned, and released since he was first caught on a train to Chechnya in 2003.

Then 17, he was planning to join the jihad against Russian forces. In the time since, he has been charged with plotting a terrorist attack on the Dutch Parliament and Schiphol airport; amassing materials to make a bomb; possession of illegal weapons; and membership in a terror cell, for which he was sentenced to eight years in 2006 and an additional nine years in 2008 -- only to be released in 2013, not having fully served even the initial sentence.

Azzouz was arrested again in June, this time on charges of raising funds to free former ISIS members now being held in Kurdish-run prison camps in Syria. A month later, a court set him free to await his December trial.

Azzouz does not deny the charges. He claims his was a humanitarian mission, aimed at helping Dutch women and their children escape from the camps with the help of human smugglers. Prosecutors, however, see it differently: they contend he is helping to rebuild the Islamic State by bringing its children to the West.

This kind of revolving door of terrorists in and out of public life is now taking place across Europe, raising counterterrorist officials' concerns of a growing jihadist threat. Last Monday, for instance, officials reminded a London court that Sudesh Amman, who knifed two people in South London in February 2020, had also previously been imprisoned on terror offenses.

Even while in prison, however, Amman reportedly....READ MORE

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