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75 Percent of White Evangelicals Disapprove of Biden's Performance as President: Poll

Christian Headlines - According to a recent Pew Research survey, a majority of white evangelicals disapprove of President Joe Biden’s job performance as Commander In Chief.

The report, which was published last week, examined Biden’s approval ratings across various religious groups and compared them with their approval ratings of former President Donald Trump from 2017.

As reported by The Christian Post, Pew Research found that three-quarters of white evangelical Protestants did not approve of Biden’s performance as president, whereas 23 percent did approve of his performance.

The second-largest disapproval rating for Biden was from white non-evangelical Protestants (54 percent), with Protestants as a whole having 50 percent disapproval and 48 percent approval.

Conversely, a mere 8 percent of black Protestants disapproved of Biden’s presidential job performance, making them the least likely of surveyed religious groups to disapprove of the 46th President.

In like manner, they were the most likely to approve of Biden with an 89 percent approval rating, followed by Hispanic Catholics (80 percent) and Atheists/Agnostics (79 percent).

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