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4 in 10 Churchgoers Plan to Attend In-Person Easter Service as Vaccines Rise and COVID-19 Declines

Pixabay - David Mark

CBN - In 2020, churches across the country closed their doors and moved to virtual services as COVID-19 forced churchgoers to celebrate Easter through computer screens and mobile phones. This year, with more Americans getting the vaccine, a growing number of congregants want to return to worshipping together.

"We're doing a lot of services to accommodate the space," Pastor Jeremy Miller of New Life Church in Virginia Beach told CBN News. "In so doing, all of the spacing and the masking that's being asked and required to make sure that it's a safe experience, but yet people can still worship the Lord together.

In California, however, there are still restrictions and at least one pastor has pleaded with Gov. Gavin Newsom to fully reopen churches ahead of Easter Sunday.

CBN News has reported how numerous churches have filed lawsuits over extreme restrictions on in-person services. Recently the U.S. Supreme Court stepped in to offer some relief against California's worship ban.

But the fight for equal treatment is ongoing in the Golden State. In a video, Pastor Jack Trieber of Santa Clara's North Valley Baptist Church says, "enough is enough."

"We have a 3,000-seat auditorium that sits....READ MORE

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