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Top Evangelical Leader Warns: Israel Could Lose Support With Netanyahu Out

The Times of Israel - A prominent US evangelical Christian leader warned Monday that Israel could lose the support of his 77 million followers if the Knesset confirms the so-called “change government” and ousts Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Speaking at a press conference in Jerusalem, Mike Evans, who runs the “Jerusalem Prayer Team,” lambasted the members of the unity government who will face a confirmation vote on Sunday, calling them a coalition of Arab anti-Zionists and post-Zionists who will “wave a white flag” and surrender to radical Islam. He said the upcoming Knesset vote was “for or against Zionism.”

“Bibi Netanyahu is the only man in the world that unites evangelicals,” he said.

“The evangelicals are going to stand with Bibi Netanyahu,” he said. “If Bibi Netanyahu goes into the opposition, evangelicals — my 77 million people — will go into the opposition with him.”

Asked later by reporters if he would work against the government of Israel, he clarified: “We will still support the State of Israel but we will not have the same position we had before, because we won’t have trust and trust is everything.”

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