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The Vast Majority Of The Global Population Has Eagerly Embraced A Giant Deception

Michael Snyder (Opinion) - This wasn’t supposed to happen. We were promised that 2021 would be the year when things would turn around because the vaccines would bring the COVID pandemic to an end. Hundreds of millions of doses have already been administered all over the globe, and millions more are being administered with each passing day. But the pandemic is not ending. The number of confirmed cases is now escalating dramatically, and the head of the CDC says that she is “scared” of what is ahead. At a time when the number of confirmed cases should theoretically be going down steadily, we are seeing dramatic spikes instead. In fact, Axios is using the term “brutal surges” to describe what most of the planet is currently facing…

Brutal surges in coronavirus cases are hitting much of the world all at once, from Europe to Brazil to India.

In particular, the new variant in Brazil is causing people to drop dead at a staggering pace

Brazil is recording by far the world’s highest daily death tolls, which far exceed anything seen earlier in the pandemic. Hospitals are at or exceeding capacity in nearly every state, AP reports. A new, more contagious “Brazilian variant” poses a grave threat, including to the U.S.

I have written multiple articles about the Brazilian variant, but most people didn’t want to listen.

Either they didn’t want to believe that it was a serious threat, or they wanted to believe that the vaccines would save them.....READ MORE

Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is the author of 5 books including his latest, Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America” which is available on He has four others that are available on including The Beginning Of The End, Get Prepared Now, and Living A Life That Really Matters. Michael allows others to republish his work on other websites because he feels people need hope more than ever before, and its his goal to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.



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