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The Israeli Defense Forces In The Pre-Tribulation Prophecies

PNW - This article is taken from the Pre-Tribulation Prophecies Prophetic Documentary 2-disc DVD available here.

From swords, shovels, axes and pitch forks, the typical weaponry associated with refugees, to F-35 fighter jets, Iron Dome missile defense systems and Nuclear Warheads, those resilient Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have managed to defend a nation that for all intents and purposes should have been wiped off the map a few decades ago.

Coming out of 1,878 years of worldwide dispersion and the Holocaust, the Jews have managed to muster up a mighty military machine that in just over seven decades now threatens to send Iran's nuclear program back to the "Stone Age".

According to an ancient prophecy in Jeremiah 49:34-39, that may be what's about to happen. Around 596 BC, the prophet Jeremiah predicted a future time when Iran would experience and epic disaster. Details within this prophecy suggest that the calamity could be from a military strike that creates a nuclear disaster. I explore and explain these details in the DVD entitled, The Pre-Tribulation Prophecies.

What are Pre-Tribulation Prophecies?

The Pre-Tribulation prophecies are the ancient biblical foretellings that find their final fulfillment before the Seven-Year Tribulation Period starts. Dozens of Bible prophecies are scheduled to happen during the Tribulation Period, but there are over twenty separate prophecies that appear to happen before this perilous period begins. This article will point out that several of the Pre-Tribulation prophecies involve the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

The Pre-Tribulation timeframe encompasses the Church Age that is followed by a mysterious gap of unspecified time. I call this gap, the Post-Rapture / Pre-Tribulation Gap because it ....READ MORE

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