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Putin’s robot army to be deployed at Ukraine border with 85,000 troops ‘ready for conflict’

The Sun - VLADIMIR Putin’s robot army will be deployed at Ukraine’s border with 85,000 troops “ready for conflict” as war tensions mount.

The new unmanned firepower was inspected by Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu this week, at the 766th Production and Technological Enterprise in Nakhabino near Moscow.

“The first unit with strike robots will be set up in the Russian Armed Forces to operate five Uran-9 robotic systems or 20 combat vehicles," announced the defence ministry.

Troops would undergo training “to operate Uran-9 robotic vehicles in special military units”, it was announced.

A video shows the unmanned tank in action.

It is armed with a 30mm automatic gun, Ataka anti-tank missiles and Shmel flamethrowers.

The latest news of the new technology comes as Putin’s troops boast they are primed for battle.

A video leaked earlier today captioned ‘Ready for conflict’ appears to show armoured vehicles moving through the mud and into position near the flashpoint border.

The chilling clip, thought to have been filmed by Russian soldiers, also shows a train convoy of military trucks moving within striking distance of Ukraine.

Kiev estimates there are now 85,000 Russian troops between six and 25 miles from its frontier and in Crimea.

The Russian army currently possesses mine clearance robots called Uran-6, firefighting Uran-14s, as well as assault Uran-9s.

Underwater and spy robots are also in development.

Shoigu ordered the robot designers....READ MORE

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