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Marxists Want A One-World Government - US Troops Are One Of The Last Obstacles

PNW - As the nation takes time to remember our troops sacrifice, a lot of our soldiers are thinking about the fallen. But some of them are mourning something else: the U.S. military they once knew.

In just four months, the culture of our fighting force is changing -- and fast. Under Joe Biden, one of the last bastions of American patriotism is on a collision course with a radical Marxist agenda that isn't just threatening our servicemembers -- it's threatening the very future of our nation.

In a matter of weeks, the military has been pumped full of propaganda -- everything from critical race theory to transgender extremism. And the shift has taken its toll. After January 6, the riot that Biden is using to excuse this indoctrination, our men and women in uniform have been subjected to all kinds of politically-correct training.

The Pentagon's infamous "stand down" has only encouraged Biden's extremists to stand up -- and preach wokeness throughout the ranks. It's a culture shift that isn't just unpopular -- it's unwelcome, servicemembers say. It seemed "forced," one Navy lieutenant told the Military Times. Others, like anonymous airmen, said they don't normally complain, but questioned the "non-mission training."

At the Washington Navy Yard, civilians called the discussion "rudderless." "One of the older guys was sidetracked and kept saying stuff like, 'What about the First Amendment?' and, "I miss the days you could just talk to people,'" he wrote. And then there were all of the what-ifs. What if you want to go to a MAGA rally? Or talk about conservative politics on Facebook? Is that "extreme?"

Under this administration, it certainly.....READ MORE

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