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Irrational Faith In The Biden Doctrine Of Appeasement

PNW - Anyone who imagines that the increasingly aggressive behavior of the Iranian regime will force U.S. President Joe Biden to abandon his attempted revival of the lethal 2015 nuclear deal is almost certainly in for a rude awakening.

The more Iran doubles down on its aggression, the more determined the Biden administration becomes to seal the deal.

Last week, Ebrahim Raisi was elected as Iran's president. Raisi is a hardliner who is expected to resist any compromise over the deal and to go full steam ahead with the terrorist state's ballistic-missile program, its regional aggression and its development of nuclear weapons.

Yet as reported in The New York Times, the Bidenites say this makes the deal even more promising. This is because a) the six-week window before Raisi takes office enables the deal to be completed; b) if the ensuing sanctions relief doesn't rescue the economy, Iran's so-called moderates currently in power would take the blame; and c) if the economy recovers, Raisi can take the credit.

This all-purpose gibberish is designed to mask the obvious fact that the Biden administration has been gagging for this deal from the moment it took office and will allow absolutely nothing to derail it.

Today's tyrant, aver its adherents, can become tomorrow's statesman.

Indeed, the word this week from the chief of staff to the current Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, was that Washington has agreed to lift about 1,040 sanctions imposed during the Trump era. This is despite the fact that Iran has reportedly not budged by one iota from its demands. So the United States has simply capitulated.

Nor is this rush to appease those who continue to ramp up their aggression confined to Iran. In March, the U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, was humiliated by two of China's top diplomats. When he unwisely met them in Anchorage, they took the opportunity to lecture and insult him.

Yet according to National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, the administration now wants to begin a new round of "engaging" China. This is also despite increasing suspicions that COVID-19 originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology and that China has lied through its teeth about the pandemic calamity it has visited upon the world.

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