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Here We Go Again: Major Events All Across The Country Are Being Cancelled

PNW - Here we go again.

Just when we thought life would be returning back to "normal", that vaccines were going to bring us back to the way things were in 2019 and that the government overreach and hysteria would finally come to a close, events are being cancelled left and right heading into the fall in what is looking like a carbon copy of 2020...all over again.

It was announced yesterday that the famous New Orleans Jazz Festival for 2021 would be cancelled due to "rising cases" of Covid in the state, according to CNN.

The festival said it was being cancelled "as a result of the current exponential growth of new Covid cases in New Orleans and the region and the ongoing public health emergency."

The festival had already been moved from April and May to October as a result of the pandemic and was supposed to feature the Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters and Lizzo.

"We now look forward to next spring, when we will present the Festival during its traditional timeframe. Next year's dates are April 29 -- May 8, 2022," the festival said on its website.

Sure. We'll see about that.

New Orleans also cancelled its famous Red Dress Run and it's 2021 Gretna Heritage Festival, which was set for October 22-24.

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