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Gaza As A Military Testing Ground For Iran

PNW - Upon examining the course of the 11-day war between Israel and terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip, one cannot help but understand that it was a rehearsal for what is expected on Israel's northern front.

Gaza was a military testing ground for Iran and Hezbollah. They were able to measure Israel's firepower, its interception capability and the limitations of its power, as expressed by the almost irrational care taken to avoid harm to population centers.

Israel's concern for innocent lives was born out of the fear of the world's reaction, its dependence on the United States and the drift that undermined Israel's position in world public opinion, especially among the U.S. Democratic Party.

Decision-makers in Israel, as well as politicians, army officers and academics, often repeat a statement attributed to the Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. He allegedly said after leaving his bunker following the 2006 Second Lebanon War that had he known that his decision to provoke Israel would cause such destruction, he would not have started the war at all.

Accordingly, analysts conclude time and again that Hezbollah's failure to act stems from Israeli deterrence.

Since 2006, Hezbollah has embarked on an unprecedented reorganization and re-arming effort with Iranian funding and training, while accumulating a rocket arsenal of more than 140,000 missiles, some of which possess extremely high accuracy. (By contrast, Hamas in Gaza had an estimated 15,000 rockets when it launched its war in May 2014.)

Hezbollah analyzed Hamas's battles against the IDF and will adopt a doctrine of warfare adapted to the new reality.

Hezbollah has also publicly....READ MORE

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