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Daniel's 70 Weeks: What Must Come Before Jesus Returns?

Charisma News - Daniel's 70 weeks are described in Daniel 9:24-27 and define how the end times are designed to play out. This 490-year event will bring an end to all sin and prophecy and marks the beginning of the end times.

Each one of the weeks is a seven-year period. We learn the Messiah will be cut off after the completion of 69 of the 70 weeks or 483 years after the decree of Cyrus.

One seven-year week remains: the Tribulation. We know that God places a long timeout between the end of the 69th week when Jesus is cut off at the cross, the Christian age. After this long timeout period, we are to look for signs that Jesus is about to return to start the 70th week.

We are seeing these signs today.

God tells us to be looking for signs close to the return of Jesus, as I explain in In 1 Thessalonians 4 and 5, God tells us to encourage and comfort one another regarding these promised signs.

We are not to worry about world events in the last days because God has everything under control.

On one special day, we will see God's final signs and we can be assured on this day Jesus will come to take us to be with Him for eternity. We are told this should not come as a surprise; it will not be in secret; it must be visual. Within hours of our departure, the announced Tribulation, the 70th week of Daniel, will begin as explained in .

What must come before Jesus can arrive? The answer is God's final prophecies along His end-times road map. They are all amazing when we see what is happening in the world today. Twelve of the 24 events have been completed; 12 are about to arrive. The 24th event contains....READ MORE

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