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Biden Picks BDS Activist As Assistant Secretary For Human Rights

PNW - When Airbnb began boycotting the homes of Jews living in those parts of Israel claimed by Islamic terrorists, the Jewish communities of the United States rallied against the dot com.

Sarah Margon, however, stood against the Jewish communities and with the Airbnb boycott.

"Airbnb to remove listings in Israeli settlements of occupied West Bank. Thanks @Airbnb for showing some good leadership here. Other companies should follow suit," she tweeted.

"Airbnb is playing a role by supporting the settlement real estate infrastructure -- they're perpetuating an illegal activity," Margon ranted. "There is no way for a company ... to do business in the settlements without violating the laws of occupation."

That's the woman Biden picked as his assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights, and labor.

"Yesterday @Airbnb agreed to stop renting.....READ MORE

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