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After Ceasefire, Israeli Conflict Shifts To U.S.

PNW - There may not be rockets flying over Gaza, but there are certainly verbal grenades being lobbed on Capitol Hill. While the Middle East embraces a fragile peace, the ceasefire in Israel hasn't managed to stop the internal war here at home. For the first time in generations, a major political party is openly challenging our alliance with Israel. And the fallout, as our allies know, could be deadly.

Joe Biden's muddled messages on the two-week barrage were unfortunate -- but they were nothing compared to the anti-Semitic rants of his party's radical wing. In Twitter tirades and floor speeches, the "jihad squad" (as they're appropriately being called), took their hatred of the Jewish nation to new levels -- calling Israel "terrorists," "racists," and "extremists."

At one point, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) openly called Benjamin Netanyahu the "apartheid-in chief,". Republicans, whose jaws have been on the floor since the Democratic barrage began, still can't come to grips with the level of open contempt and hostility from the Left.

Senator James Lankford (R-Okla.), one of the many Republicans wide-eyed by the anti-Israel comments, could only shake his head at just how quickly the Democratic Party is being transformed by its wildest extremists. "It's remarkable to me that unity around Israel and standing with Israel used to be a nonpartisan issue.

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